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New acoustical treatment of our control room: please advise

Sorry, wrong forum. I'll post in the acoustics forum.

Hello all. We've got a control room that is 14.5'L x 22.5'W x 11' tall. The 14.5' length is front (monitor position) to back. Our ceiling is a concrete ceiling with 3 12"x 6" concrete joists sticking down and running the width. We need to treat the ceiling and are doing so by hanging panels of 1" 703 horizontally with chain accross the ceiling in a frame measuring 16' x 14' about 2' below the concrete. Over the console we will angle the frame down so when it meets the wall in front of the console it is 3' below the ceiling.

Will there be any benefit to using 2" 703 over 1" in any place? Will this help with bass absorbtion at all? I believe it won't do much below 150hz, correct? We think if we fill the space above with rolls of R11 it ought to help with lower frequencies. Any thoughts? We have problems below 100hz and low mids and the ceiling creates a lot of high frequency problems at the moment. Any advice on further tackling these issues while we treat the ceiling would be greatly appreciated.

The walls are well treated and we have 4 bass panel traps in the rear corners. Thanks!