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Tips on finding a contractor & designer for home studio build


I'm planning to convert a two car detached garage into a practice/live room, control room and iso booth. I've found a lot of good information here, and thanks to this site I found Rod's book and have been reading that for the last week. One thing that I realized quickly is that I will need specialized help to pull this off, but I'm not even sure how to find a contractor/builder that is familiar with the unique requirements of a home studio.

I live in central/west New Jersey in the US. I've found some sites for companies that build studios (Criterion Acoustic s, Francis Manzella), but they seem appropriate for million dollar studios and probably not the 30-35k initial investment that I'm willing to make. Does it make sense to use a remote design company with a local quality builder who might not have experience building studios? I'd appreciate any advice on finding someone to work with. Thanks!
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