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using foam corner traps and 703/705 panels freestanding

Wow, I am new to this forum and never thought foam and panel traps could create so much "excitement".

Anyway - I am looking to treat a basement studio (15X40, app. 8 foot drywall ceilings) and feel that the foam corner absorbers offer the best bang for the buck in low frequency absorbtion.

However, I'd like to use them freestanding (not glued to the walls in the corners). Any disadvantage to this?

I do plan to use 703/705 2" foam panels for the walls as well. My plans are to cover them in fabric and mount them to a thin pegboard. I can then hang them on small "J" hooks on the walls, minimizing the damage to the walls and also allowing me to move them around as needed. I am also thinking the air space behind the panels with the pegboard holes may create additional surface area for absorbtion.

Lastly I am looking for a creative way to use these 2x4' panels on the ceiling without permanently attaching them.

Note to Ethan - love your minitraps, just feel that for the money, I can get a bigger bang with above plans.

Appreciate any thoughts on these plans.