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Decent PA setup for sax, vocals, acoustic guitar, and music

Well, I'm sick of waiting for a band to come together, so I think I'm going to rely on some tracks in the meantime. What I was thinking about is getting the 1u rack mixer Rolls RM65, an effects processor probably a Lexicon MX200 or maybe a Digitech GNX4, and possibly a JBL EON G2 15". I figure with the mixer and effects processor all being able to fit in a rack, whenever I play at different churches or different events I can already have my reverb, compression, settings preconfigured and I can control it easily, in addition I can always setup my own monitoring situation if needed. With the EON G2 I figure it will be good enough for just a sax, a singer, maybe some percussion, and my tracks through a CD player and of course I will probalby add another when it's needed.
Would there be a better active speaker to go with? Cheaper is always better, but definitely want the best quality I can get.
Please advise.


moonbaby Mon, 11/13/2006 - 06:46
The EON will probably do you OK, but I'd nix the Rolls.We (my partner and I) were a Rolls dealer at one time, and their gear is simply cheap and unreliable. If you absolutely, positively have to have a single-space rack mixer, I'd look at the Ashly Audio line, as well as Rane gear. There are also deals on e-Bay for these brands, and it is typically some production company or church that is expanding. You can find terrific deals there, and in the case of Ashly and Rane, the product quality is very good. Ashly stuff, in particular, is practically bullet-proof. You might also consider a compact Mackie 1202VLZ and mount it on one of those rack trays that will slide out like a drawer. Just a thought...

moonbaby Mon, 11/13/2006 - 11:22
Carvin is no JBL, or even Mackie. You HAVE to send the piece back to them in San Diego for repairs. It's not like dropping it off at your local dealer and possibly getting a loaner while you wait. Product quality is not up to the "hype factor" they have learned to generate over the years.
FWIW, I have a couple of Carvin guitars (Bolt kits), and one of my regular session bassists has a real nice 5-string Carvin active bass, but we both learned a long time ago to stay away from their PA gear...

anonymous Mon, 11/13/2006 - 20:26
Thanks again for the recommendations. I think I will try looking for a used Ashly mm508, are these pretty decent mixers? I see them selling betweent $220-$300 on Ebay. That seems very doable.

Now, debating on which speaker to go with between the Mackie 450 and the JBL G2. Any opinions between the 2? I don't plan on adding a subwoofer anytime soon. I'm going to try to buy a pair if I can find a set used under $900.

moonbaby Tue, 11/14/2006 - 07:13
I am not familiar with the MM508, but had an MX508 to submix drums for several years. Great headroom and reliability.
As for the powered speakers, it's 50/50 between the 2 you listed. I am looking at a couple of Mackie subs in for repairs on one side of the shop, and an Eon15 on the other. This Eon needs a re-coning, and the 15" loudspeaker frame is cast as part of the cab's baffle!!! The Mackies all use RCF (I won't say what that stands for in our shop!) components, and we see those all the time with poor adhesives that fail. Used to see Genelecs with RCFs that had the same problem. Anyway, I'd say with a certain amount of trepidation, to go with the JBLs.

anonymous Sun, 11/19/2006 - 16:29
I just won an auction for this Ashly unit, but just thought about EQ and using different mics on different voices... perhaps it wasn't the best option. Seems like the Rolls would have been the better option with the aux sends and everything, but of course I wanted reliability. Maybe I can get it to work somehow. Shoot might buy the Rolls as well to test out and just keep which works best. I have no line level inputs either for sometime like a keyboard if I were to ever get a keyboard player. Is there some other kind of rack unit I can buy to gain what I'm lacking?

anonymous Sun, 11/19/2006 - 16:32
Here's the unit. I figure for a little under $100 shipped it wasn't a bad deal.

I'll also be purchasing a Lexicon MPX-1 effects processor. I have the mic I like to use for my sax, which has a tone EQ knob, so I'm sure I'll be fine with it, but just worried about vocalists and other instruments.

Oh yea, I picked up a JBL Eon G2 as well. I'm just going to go with one, like I planned orginally and pick up another some other time when it's needed.