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I could not find local talent to record with, but lots of people are in other countries with talent and who want to record. This is just hip hop sort of recording.

Anyhow, there is one artist I'm interested in.. I would like to make a whole mixtape with her, but in her city it's expected she pay for studio time and we both can't afford that.

I'm willing to buy her whatever it takes to get the job done at a minimal cost at her home. She'll need to send me mp3's over the internet. I'm guessing I can then compress etc and it will be just like if I was using my external compressor in real time?

Could someone recommend a setup? Ie.. her listening on her ipod to my tracks and then I guess she would mic into her laptop in her closet with the clothes still in it? Or the corner of the room trick? Or do I need to get a certain 'quiet' mic brand?

What do you guys recommend? I also might be having to buy this setup for other artists so something as cheap as possible that will actually 'work pretty well' would be preferred.


fataltone Sun, 01/23/2011 - 20:35

recieve wave files not mp3s don't mess with that compressed mess lol.. but seriously get the highest quality of her vocals..
probably a high end portable recorder like this
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jonbuilds Wed, 02/02/2011 - 14:10

What are you using to produce the tracks? Is the other person savvy enough to track themselves in Cubase or Garage Band? If so then they can upload the wavs of just their track to when they are done, you can grab them and fly them into your project and mix it, etc.

Also, I have tracked vocals in a closet with plenty of clothes several times. It gives good isolation and deadness if you don't have a great sounding room to record in.