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Hi guys I'm looking for a good vocal mic to be paired up with my Sebatron pre. This mic will be used mainly for my music which is melodic rock, I have been recorded before using a U 87 and I liked the sound I got but I'm not looking to spend quite that much. There might be something more appropriate for my voice you can hear sound samples on my site at the bottom of my bands recording. I have a SP C1 but can I truly get professional results with rthis? Im looking to keep this in the under 800 range. what about some old LOMO mics or the Russian RTT mics from the Sound Room? They also have a Large diaphram tubeless mic from the Russian company Nevaton (sp?). Other mics in question are ADK, MBHO, T.H.E, and anything else worth looking at. thanks a lot for the advice in advance. ;)


anonymous Mon, 10/06/2003 - 02:32

I havea vmp2000e. And, I have an ADK A-48 (9 patterns) that I used the other day for a voiceover with the vmp and it was real natural sounding. I haven't had much chance to use the A-48 for vocals, but did one track a couple of weeks back and liked it on a male tenor voice doing an acoustic guitar/vox track. The mic isn't real heavy in the low end, which for some people is a good thing. Not that it's light there either. I like the mic so far. Can't remember for sure how I set up the 2000e, but I think air and flat with no pad on the vocal track and deep/air no pad on the voiceover.

Another Seb user told me he had excellent results with the ADK 51-TC (fixed cardioid pattern), conmparing it favorably to an M - 149 or 147 ( I can't remember which). He said another engineer thought the ADK was the M-149 (147?) when both mics were hooked up doing the blindfold test. I've been wanting to try one out.

The 51-TC can be had for under $500 and the A-48 for around $700, I have seen them go on eBay for $550, and lucked into my A-48 for $405 :-) ADK makes an area 51 TT model that's supposed to be really nice, I think it is a bit more expensive, but you might find one for what you'd like to spend.

Oh, these are all tube models, btw.

Davedog Mon, 10/06/2003 - 07:33

The U87 would be an excellent all-around kinda mic choice except that they retail for as much as a very good used car.Street is around 2 thats not in yer budget.I second the ADK choices.Your C1 is a good mic too and will sound even better through the Sebatron, as will everything else.It is also a good all-around mic(C1) but like anything described as all-around, it wont be the 'right' choice on some sources.I havent heard the A-48 ADK though I have discussed it with Larry(the owner of ADK),I have heard both of the the A51's (TT and TC) and can recommend them.I own two of the lower models of A51's and would put them up against ANY of the inexpensive chinese capsule mics in their price range....many of which I HAVE heard and dinked around with.The ADK simply has a better sound throughoutits sonic range.I dont know about comparing them to the M149/147 Neumanns, but I would have no problem at all doing so if I had both side by side.BTW there are new models of the ADK's coming out soon or maybe already.They are even better than the last ones.

anonymous Mon, 10/06/2003 - 20:06

Originally posted by AudioGaff:
I often find that tube mic with a tube mic pre can be a bit tube much. HaHa! You really have to want or need that slower, rounder, fuller type of thing for it to work well. I'd say get a really great condensor mic mostly because a really great tube mic is much more expensive.

That can happen, but it's also sort of a stereotype. Well designed tube gear can sound just as clean and fast as solid state, and some solid state gear can sound warm or round or (insert favorite tube cliche). The key phrase here is "well designed".

AudioGaff Mon, 10/06/2003 - 22:49

Oops! Aren't tube mics condenser mics?

Ya, ya. You know what I meant. All of my well designed tube gear is not even close to sounding as clean and fast as my solid state stuff which is why I own that kind of tube stuff. Tube stuff can be fast and clean but I don't want any of it. Well, except some of the Manley stuff which is kind of in the middle. Tue, 10/07/2003 - 00:37

thanks guys for the info, still looking for specific brands and models to buy though too, which would you recomend the ADK 51 TV or the A-48? The 9 patters of the A 48 might come in handy but if it doesnt sound as good at the TC I'll go with the TC, both are tube will they act right with the Seb or are they not so transparent?, still no one knows anything about the RTT mics or the old Lomo stuff huh? thanks guys keep it coming. :D ;)

Richard Monroe Tue, 10/14/2003 - 14:49

I think Audiogaff and White Swan are both right.
Tube mics at the prosumer level (TB-1, T-3, NTK, V69, etc.) to my ear, lack clarity. They can be fine, any of them, but not often for a balladeer in a dense mix. Sometimes NTK is a pretty good airbrush, but if I got one main vocal mic, I want to be able to cut through a mix. On the other hand, the best tube mics don't have that problem, and that's what you're paying for.
As suggested above, your C-1 will cut through a mix fairly well, but it, too, can lack clarity. Suck it up- try Soundelux ifet7- $1500. Mostly, you have to find the mic that will make whatever singer you're recording, in the here and now, sound good. You need one or two "go to" vocal mics, and then some less expensive, but time honored favorites. If I was you, I'd probably buy an NTK and a Shure KSM44. Something colored but versatile. Something clean and more versatile. C414B-ULS comes to mind in that versatile category.-Richie