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Starting Recording Acoustic guitar and vocals

I have only recorded once before, with my uncle, who has a very nice home studio. I am vaguely familiar with the whole recording process, and I know some of the stuff involved (but not much).

For a school project, I want to analyze the recording process, mostly by recording.

My uncle suggested that I buy a Zoom MRS 8 and a microphone.

I want to know: Is the microphone and the Zoom MRS 8 all I need to record decent quality songs? How can I put those songs onto a CD?

Is the Zoom MRS 8 a good deal, or should I spend a little extra to get something better?

I sing, play guitar and play the drums. for my first recordings I want to record just my voice and my guitar. Should I record both with a microphone (ie, not use the plugin on my acoustic / eletric Taylor guitar)? Is there one microphone that records both guitar and vocals with a price tag around $100? I'm not looking for top of the line equipment, but I am looking for equipment that will be of use to me no matter how far I get into the whole recording scene.

Thank you So Much

/ Peter


anonymous Wed, 11/16/2005 - 19:13
try one of the boss recorders, they are much better than the zooms, a little more expensive but owwrth the money spent. Try the br 900cd and get a extra flash card (1g)

as far as acoustics, i love the akg c300 for the money also the 4033 is a great mic. Try going direct into the recorder with the taylor and ttry the mic about a foot away off axis from the sound whole. what kind of electronics do you have in the taylor, is it the expression system? if it is, where short sleves when recordering the vibration of your shirt will come thourhg the pickup system.. good luck and welcome to the world of recording and pulling your hair out!!!!