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This vocal and mix...

Here is the track. It's hip hop...but it's radio edited. It's story song, not just "blah blah blah." Many of you have heard it already, in a less final mix.

It's not final now...I need a few more fresh listens. But if you hear something in the track that is off or could be better, I'm all ears. The hook is not added yet.

But his vocal. I think his tone is a little high. If I take Melodyne (or anything) and shift the pitch down a little bit, artifacts become apparent. I don't know if it's his range or what. Normally I can shave a few cents off without a problem. Not this time.

So what I did was create 2 duplicate tracks (so 3 total). And once I can figure out how to flip the phase in Logic, I was going to try to flip the phase of one track and then try to pitch shift the phase cancelled see how that works.

Really what I want is to to make his range larger, by bringing the bottom end of his vocal down a little bit more.

Are there any tricks I'm missing to do this?

It just occurred to me (literally just now) that maybe if I have 3 tracks, and I shave a few cents off on one of them, maybe the artifacts won't be apparent. Maybe I don't need to experiment with flipping the phase of one of them at all?

Any balance issues you hear, please feel free to say so. Any criticism at all, I'm here to learn.

It's mostly his vocal I'm trying to figure out, but if notice something else, please say so.

Attached files Ghetto Boy ready for hook-1.mp3 (5.3 MB) 




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