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It's a Bank Holiday - if you are bored here's a bass quiz.

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A group I'm in to do lockdown quizzes - got us all to do a nominated round - I got given a bass round to do. Now it's over I'll share it if anyone is bored silly!

Basically - the bass line from ten songs that I've played live at UK holiday centres, cruise ships and theatres over the years. Played as is - so yes, there are mistakes, but it was a quick and dirty quiz, so I know I messed quite a bit up, but that's life. If you fancy a go - most quite easy, but a few kick you when you get the answers.

Mix/master advice

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it's been a long time since I have posted in this forum. Hope everybody is well.

I'm still working on my album but I'm getting close with the release sometime in june and I need some fresh set of critical ears.
Here is the latest version of the title track and though I'm quite happy with it, I lack the proper monitoring facilities to make the final judgement.
So please listen to my song and tell me if there is something awkward or off-sounding or if it is okay the way it is.


Readying old songs for proper release: How does this sound?

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Here's the first of two songs. I've remixed these and remastered them for release - I'm living with them for about a week or so before I pull the trigger. Any feedback would be awesome. One handicap is that my reference headphones I usually use to check how they sound in headphones have broken and I'm waiting parts to fix them. So far in my listening environment everything sounds pretty balanced with the vocals pretty upfront. Just need a few more pairs of ears on these. Thanks for your time guys. Any obvious issues?

Many thanks

Lonely Road: V2

Is this rock mix harsh on the ears?

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Hi everyone,
We have been mixing this song over and over for the past few months as we cannot seem to get it right. At louder levels it seems to be very harsh. We don’t have any boosting on the master and generally subtle eq moves in the high end. Maybe my ears are overly sensitive but I can’t help but think it sounds harsh in the high mids. I’d say that the instruments contributing are they vocals and cymbals. I’m worried the tracks were recorded with too high gain. Let me know if you agree or disagree and any advice you have so we can get this finished and move on.

Lockdown Blues

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I recorded this quite recently in my studio. Guitars were played into the Kemper Profiler DI.

The Hammond C3 and Leslie was fed into a power attenuator in order to drop the volume and enable the organ to be cranked for some grind. We miced the Leslie with two Shure SM98 mini condensor mics.

Bass was played through a Sansamp DI.

SCARS-Ben Davis produced @Drool'nDoggRecords mastered@Specialized Mastering

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This one is a song Ben had posted looking for help not too long ago. This is the collaborative results we came up with.

Give it a listen please. Throw it up on the analyzers. The more environments it gets a listen in the better.

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