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Recording (live or studio)

Audio Interface recommendations?

I’m an old timer and I’d like to get back to mixing out of the box on my console. I’m looking for an interface that has a lot of outputs. Preferably a lot of line level i/o and preamps aren’t necessary (the idea being to connect it to my console and record that way... with my protools rig standing in place of a tape machine). Ideally I’d like at least 16 outputs. So I’ve been looking at the Cymatic utrack24 and the Allen and Heath ice 16. The Cymatic looks perfect, but the sound on sound article on it says the DACs leave some headroom to be desired. Can anyone comment on this?

Make a Professional Studio

Hello guys, I would like to make a professional studio to record my drums. I already have an acoustically treated room and I wanna know what mics, preamplifiers, monitors, audio interfaces, mixer, etc. to buy?
I would like to obtain Weckl sound. What do you suggest me to buy? Thanks.
I currently have a focusrite scarlett 18i20 1st Gen, a jts 7 piece drum mic set and a soundcraft efx12.

How to get a clean/clear vocal recording?

Hey guys, I’m just gonna lay out my situation here...
So I just picked up the AKG C414 XLII for recording some vocals at home. I run directly into a Scarlett 18i20 interface. Pretty unexperienced with most technical stuff. I pretty much exclusively go direct line in for keyboards and mics, just find good levels before recording to get it sounding good at the source,, don’t know what else i’d really do?

Recording acoustic guitar using Zoom R16

I'm working on recording acoustic guitar and vocals using my zoom R16 track recorder. transferring them to Cubase 5 then editing, mixing mastering etc... My issue is getting my Acoustic Guitar to sound like it does when I play it live or through my fishman solo amp. I've tried all kinds of mics, room treatments, set up etc... but this is the best I've gotten and it sounds too metally, and tin can like, Any thoughts on working with it in cubase or ?? Recorded both mic'd ( with at2020 and through guitar pedal) and lined in.
guitar Taylor 314ce

Zoom Q2/Q3

I have 2 Zoom recorders, the Q2 and Q3. For a handheld the quality is excellent although the Q2 seems to kill batteries in a flash when on video

Does anyone have experience with these, as far as using a mixer going into them, to balance and eq input levels, or multitracking using the audio output of the zoom into garage band or similar.

thanks in advance!
michael beechey



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