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Recording (live or studio)

Which mixer to use with SP404 for beat making setup


could anyone point me in the direction of the type of mixer I should use with an SP404 for a beatmaking/recording set up. I am after something reasonably cheap, doesn’t need heaps of inputs. 

I’m hoping to be able to use the mixer to record/mix a few more Mics into the SP404s mic in. I’m hoping to use this to have a few mics on the drums

I’m hoping to be able to use the mixer without any laptops etc


I’m not even sure if this is possible, thanks al for your help! 



Issue with playback volume

Hi All,

I've recently re-setup my Mackie 24.8 track, after about a decade of not using it. 

The desk isn't bad, - and it does what I want it to do, However - If i record a track, and then play it back, the playback volume is way quieter than the initial recording volume.. 

I've got no idea what's happening.. Please could somebody give me any suggestions on how to fix this? 

Many Thanks.



Xpand 2 for Mac. Logic Pro (no sound)

Hey music people. I have Xpand 2 for my Mac. 

Here are the specs.  

Mojave.  i7. 16 gig ram

Xpand is 64 bit. 

Here's the problem-- Thank you so much for some help!

When I go to play the keyboard there's no sound. Theres no activity on my meter in Logic Pro X either. When I play my other sounds in Logic Pro they work fine. (the meter lights up green) Also other sounds like EZdrummer they will work. Just not Xpand. 

I heard you have to have Catalina OS?

what's the deal?

Thank you so much!


EQ tube mic

I'm in the process of searching for a workhorse, multipattern tube mic to fill a sonic hole in my mic cabinet. The "hole" is in the low mids to mostly quality low end. In my search I've been torn between the classic 251, 67 and 47 sound characteristics. The uses will be the full range of male/female vocals, acoustic instruments and room mic. Not asking much right?

How To Make Midi Drums Sound Real

I've been challenged in the last 19 months to create music VERY fast for video projects.  I created a video showing the process I've been using to get better drums sounds using stock logic drum tones.  I prefer recording drums with a real drummer however this has been a fantastic challenge in its own right. 

P.S.  If it is annoying for me to post videos in the forum I have no problem removing them:)  These are the things in music that are exciting for me so I thought I would share it. 

8pre suddenly won't boot

I have an old MOTU 8pre Firewire I got on the cheap that was working great.  Been using it as an ADAT converter to add 8 channels to my 18i20.  Today I wanted to try reducing latency by increasing the sample rate to 48khz.  While fiddling with it I power cycled it and now after the "sparkle" animation it just displays the word "UP" on the LED display and outputs noise over optical and doesn't respond to pushing or turning the data knob.

What could "UP" mean?  Upgrade?  Underpowered?  Belly up?