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Studio Acoustics & Construction

Acoustic foam placement

I'm trying to do some sound treatment in the room I'm using for my home studio on little to no budget. I was given a piece of this acoustic foam from a friend that had some left over. It's 2.7 metres by about 1 metre. Anybody who has done acoustic treatment for audio recording have advice in whether I'd be better off to put the whole thing on one wall or cut it into 2 or 3 parts and spread it around. Maybe a bit on the ceiling above the drums?

So far I've got a queen mattress in one of the corners and reasonably thick curtains over both windows.

Figuring out the best use of my limited space to record vocals!!

Hey yall! Very new to all recording but I wanted to make a little area in my room for recording vocals, but I'm not sure what my best options are! I made a little video to show what I'm working with specifically, but I've been doing research and some people say use your closet but others say dont if it's too small, and I just want to hear any opinions on where to go from here. I cant spend much more than I already have but can make some small purchases if it would make a significant difference. All advice is appreciated!

Video of space:

Walls: Sound Isolation in Room with Foam Concrete Slab Insulation

I'm planning to sound-isolate an already-converted garage built on concrete slab. I want to modify the walls to have mass-air-mass with two layers of drywall inside and out.

The room has rigid foam insulation around the slab that protrudes into the room. The insulation, framing, and the drywall installed over it take up an additional 6"+ around the room perimeter. It seems the only way not to disturb the insulation is to add parallel framing on the inside, which I'd really like to avoid.

New Studio Build for Non-Profit Music Education Program

Hi All! Thanks for being here, thanks for having me and thanks for taking a look at this.

I'm working on starting a music education project here in Athens GA and I'm building out a studio for it.
(you can find more details at )

First off I need to say that isolation is not a problem here. Not that there aren't issues, but I can get around them and my neighbors are super cool. Plus the building itself is set way off the road on the end of a dead end street.

New open roof studio - or at least it is now!

I'm having some building work done on my studio spaces, and the roof above my studio is being replaced. The weather has been bad, so work slow, and this morning I went into the studio to do some work, where the sound of people and banging wouldn't hurt too much - to discover daylight in the studio entrance way. I'd had some leaks that had been bodged and the inner layers of the ceiling need replacing.

Existing Duct Help

I have some existing duct runs feeding my kitchen and laundry room. One 10ft long run and the other 6ft long run. They do not run parallel to the floor joist, so I cannot build a soffit like the normal way and box it in because of a door way and staircase. I’m stuck running the existing duct though the open web joist. I cannot add mass through the joist since the joist needs to flex as part of their design. I plan on using silencer boxes on the outside of the room and also inside. I’m looking for advice to solve this problem.

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