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Is it just Ohio or are there a lot of people out there looking for Freebees all the time? We seem to get a lot of people calling us who think that we have a lot of free time and that since we are in business we have a lot of money and or time to "donate" to their various causes. They want us to make a donation of money or services and always give us the "since you are a business you must be looking for ways to "help" the community and we though this would be a great way.

I must get three to five calls a month from people looking for "donations" of free mastering or free duplication. They are very nice but they sometimes amaze me as to their lack of knowledge as to how hard it is to keep a business running today let alone how much time and money they are asking for.

Recent case in point this women recorded a public service song for the cancer society. She brought it to us for replication and mastering. About the third time she asked for us to make her 100 more CDs she said "Oh is there anyway you could do these for free since we are not making as much money on the CDs as we thought we would" When pushed further she said she was selling these for 5 times what it was costing her to get them made and she thought it would be nice if we could take a "big tax write off" for doing them for free so her cause could make more money.

I had to tell her the "facts of life" when it came to running a business today. (in this geographical area about 1 in 7 business have gone belly up in the past couple of years and it is getting scary and in some places it is as high as 1 in 3 which is NOT good news for those of us who are still in business)

Is anyone else getting this type of request on a regular basis? If so what is your response?

Hope your weekend is going well!


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Michael Fossenkemper Sun, 05/01/2005 - 19:19

I donate a mastering gig about once a year to some kind of cause. In these cases the write off is worth more than any kind of money I would get. But I keep it to only 1 per year. I get maybe 2 or 3 requests so it's not an issue. When I tell them what the turnaround time would be on a donation date, they usually find someplace else.

JerryTubb Sun, 05/01/2005 - 22:50

No, it's not just Ohio !!!!

We get the same requests for freebies in Texas too !

If it's a really good charitable cause, and we haven't done a free one in a while, and the people seem genuine, and NO ONE (esp lawyers) stands to actually grab any money from it, we'll probably do it... hoping none of the freebie seekers are reading this!

We just finished donating two days mastering time for Willie's Tsunami Relief CD (no spam intended), but it was for a really Great cause and of course, when Willie asks...

and sometimes, if "totally free" seems a bit "over the top", you can quote them a discount instead, and ask for a tax deduction.