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Submitted by Anonymous on Wed, 02/25/2004 - 12:11

What mic and pre would you guys recommend for Hip Hop vocals for about 1000-1500 USD. My sound card is an OMNI studio from M-Audio. Thanks for any suggestions. Maybe something TUBE?

ps. maybe it's not worth it to buy gear for this amount of money. If that's the case then please recommend something for more than 1500 USD. But if anything, try to recommend something around 1000-1500 USD. Thanks.

I also have a AKD 1000s mic and a Shure SM57.

The typical choice is an avalon 737, which can be had in your range used. Leaves you no budget for a mic, but it'll make the 2 you've got sound good.

did, contact Fletcher at [url=(dead link removed)[/url]

Ask him about the Great River mic pre. He's a pro AE who tests out all their brands up for sale.

Is the microphone just for you, or various singers?


Then you may want to consider getting an Electro-Voice RE20 (or PL20) and/or Shure SM7 as they work well on a variety of voices.

I'd probably sell the AKG C1000S to put the $$ towards something more useful for vocals BTW.