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I've recently got a 200GB SATA raid hard-disc. I want to know whats the best way of partioning this. Im going to be using CubaseSX2 for audio recording and Reason2.5 & Abelton LIVE rewired for sounds and loops.
I would appreciate if someone coule help or give me suggestions on:

1. Space required for OS (WindowsXP Home)
2. Is the number of partions going to affect the overall performance of the system, especially audio recording and plugin usage?
3. Im also goin to be using tons of sample libraries, so how do o organise the hard disc to perform these tasks at optimum level.

Thanx..n i would really appreciate replies & suggestions.


axel Mon, 05/16/2005 - 04:25

after my knowledge, (i don't know exactly how much the windows OS eats up!, i use a mac and being fine with 30gb for both OS, OSX and OS9 on one drive (30gb and about 20gb used! of it) you should be fine with about 20gb to 30gb for the os and split the rest into 2 sections 30/70 or 50/50 ,depending how big your sample library is, but in order to get really good and fast results you should splash out at least another drive (mind you drives are really cheap'ish those days...) maybee a little smaller one a 120gb or 160gb split it into OS (20 to 30gb and the other part for the sample library and use 2nd drive for audio only! best is obviously 3 drives one for each task.
hope it helps.... ah i forgott the os should sit first on the inside of the drive then whatever you think will be used more often (the performance of most drives, is is going down the more you move to the outside of the drive!!) library first or audio first depends a bit on your usage, if you work mainly with sample based sounds and only do the occasional recording then put the library first or wise versa...

MrPhil Wed, 05/18/2005 - 00:18

I would get a smaller HD to set the OS to, and just use your big one for sound, projects, samples etc.
If your comp crashes, all is still there when you have to format and set up a new OS.
It's also easy to put in the HD in another comp if you upgrade.


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