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So you should, in order to get a fatter sound and that soft hi end. It's even easier to mix and you can avoid to sound too "digital" like eveybody.
Most of the major recordings are doing it before to start mixing. At least for the drums, but bass, guitars and lead vocal make the difference too.
And if you can't afford for a 2inch tape reel and some hours in studio to do it, you can do it online thru .

So now you know, enjoy ! ;-)


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Codemonkey Thu, 08/07/2008 - 05:08

Codemonkey's Protip Of The Day!
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Use of tape as a permenant storage medium is a load of bollocks when everyone uses random access media. The ability to seek instantly is pretty useful, no?

Now, if you just slap the track onto tape then bring it back onto digital media, using the tape only as an offline effect...