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i create an aux track, set its inputs to a bus (6 in my case), add a plugin to it and then assign the audio track i want affected by that plugin bus 6 in the tracks sends box.

the reason why i am making aux tracks with reverb and compressor plugins and routing them to audio tracks is just to save memory. so i don't have to add a reverb plugin and compressor plugin to every single vocal track. i can just assign each track the bus that the plugin's are on (the aux track).

here's what i'm having trouble with.
if the reverb plugin was on the actual audio track rather than an aux track i would be able to pan the track to the left and the reverb would pan with it. the problem with having the reverb plugin on an aux track is if i pan the audio track to the left the reverb would stay in the center because the panning on the aux track is still centered. so i would need to pan that aux track to the left in order for the reverb to only be on the left side of the audio track that is also panned left but this would effect the centered vocal tracks that are also running through the same aux plugin track.

would i have to create left,right and center aux tracks? so 3 aux tracks for each seperate plugin? this seems like it would add up to a lot of aux tracks and defeat the whole purpose of saving memory.

any help, techniques or advice would be much appreciated. not a pro at this stuff. yet.

thanks a lot in advance.

Randyman... Fri, 03/04/2005 - 19:39

Create a "Stereo Subgroup", and bus the individual VOX channels to your Sub-Group, and pan the individual VOX channels as desired. Then, insert the Compressor and STEREO REVERB on this stereo sub-group channel, and the STEREO REVERB should follow the panning of the individual VOX tracks. Nuendo should do this, but I have no clue on PT...

Good luck ;)


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Dave62 Sat, 03/05/2005 - 00:01

In Protools create a stereo Aux input track with input as Bus 1&2 output main1&2, and insert your reverb plugin in it , Then create stereo aux sends sending to Bus 1&2 in the tracks you are using and pan the reverb send to match the track send. This way you can send any individual or all your trax to the stereo verb.