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Hi everyone,

I have been reading along for a few months, and i decided to buy a Headphone and use a Amp i still have laying around with it.

Buuut, my knowledge is almost zero with plugging this kind of equipment in, and i would like to know how this works before the equipment arrives.

My setup:

Soundcard: Motif XF Expansion, Firewire : Backside =
Headphone Amp: HA-8000 Behringer: Backside =
Headphone: DT770Pro 50 Ohm Beyerdynamic

Right now, i have cables running from my Motif Stereo Output going to my KRK monitor speakers, and got the Motif XF soundcard connected to the Comp,uter with Firewire.

The question: What kind of cables do i need, and how do i connect them to use the amp and headphones on this system?

This may sound like a very easy question for you, but for me .... im really unfamiliar with these amps.

Best Regards,



Unheard Thu, 06/16/2011 - 00:16

If i'd put a 1/8 stereo cable from the "digital out" of my motif, to the back of my HA8000, and connect the headphones on the front .... wouldnt that do that trick?

Also, whats with the HA8000 input 1 and 2? is that to connect my balanced cables from the motif to input 1 l/r, and have another set going from the ha8000 to my monitor speakers?

jimmys69 Thu, 06/16/2011 - 05:16

I cant tell in the picture if there is a headphone output on the Motif. If so, I would use a 'Y' cable from that to the input of the HA. The 8000 does not have a 'thru' output to allow a hookup from the main outs of the Motif as well as running your monitors. The HA4700 would have served your setup better here.

Unheard Thu, 06/16/2011 - 16:13

hmpf.. i see your point. by the way. whats the plus if i'd put the speakers through the ha4700 instead of having the ha8000 and not doing that?

i'd say controlling the volume using the amp for the headphones and speaker output - but would it also make a quality difference?

jimmys69 Thu, 06/16/2011 - 16:28

Well, none other than saving your using two sets of outputs from a separate interface (if you had one). The headphone out with a 'Y' cable will work just fine in your case with the 8000. A better investment for the future would be to get the 4700 as it has many more possibilities with inputs, outputs, and AUX inputs for creating unique headphone mixes. In fact you can just feed the 4700 from your headphone out via a TRS cable as it has a 1/4" stereo direct in as well. If you can return your 8000, then I would recommend going with the 4700. That does though depend on what your goals are in the future. And the price difference is minimal. :D

Unheard Fri, 06/17/2011 - 00:51

The 8000 still has return warrenty, and the 4700 is the exact same price on as the 8000. so i mailed them asking if its possible to change the product.

I totally see your point. So ill try to return it somehow. lol

So.. just for this noob to understand:

If i had the 4700, i'd be needing:

*2 extra balanced cables (So i went from the motif soundcard -> Amp, and from the amp back to my KRK speakers = total of 4 cables.
*TRS cable with 1/4 on both sides going from Phones jack on motif soundcard to Amp Direct In on the front.

Thanks mate

jimmys69 Fri, 06/17/2011 - 03:50

Actually, you can do it either way. But no need to use both together. The headphone out connection could possibly be more noisy compared to the main outs due to the internal amp in the Motif. From looking at the Motif specs, I don't believe the L/R outputs are balanced anyway, so TS cables will suffice here. Some might say it is not a good idea to run anything in your chain between the source and your monitors. I suggest you try it both ways and see what sounds the best to you.

Good luck on the exchange. You will definitely have more flexibility in the future with the 4700. The 8000 however, will suit your needs for now if you are unable to swap them. :D

Unheard Fri, 06/17/2011 - 08:17

Hey Jimmy,

I think i wont be looping the amp with the motif and monitor speakers because i have enough volume on the speakers. so i guess that would
only add noise/distortion in the end.

I will only use the amp in a home studio, and wont be planning to use more than 1 headphone. so maybe the 8000 suits fine for now.. I guess in
the future i might change the 8000 for something else that helps my setup more, but for now ... mehhh