I need home recording advice! Mbox with a $10,000 mic?

Submitted by Seattle on Sat, 02/12/2011 - 09:02

I record acoustic guitar and vocals so I don't need much in the way of channels but I want pro sound. So here's my idea. I was thinking of getting a mac mini along with an mbox and a decent mic for demos and then when I've got my vocals down, renting somthing like A Sony C-800-6 ($10,000 mic I found renting for 100 dollars a day) along with a good tube mic pre amp like a neve or voxbox ($5000 preamps for about $50 a day) Then I'd take my Pro tools "studio friendly tracks" to a professional for mastering. My question is will an awesome Preamp and Mic like that be wasted on an mbox? Does the mbox even have a line in for a preamp??? (I'm very new) If the mbox/protools idea doesn't jive with what i'm looking to rent what other daw/soundcard/interface would you recommend? I leaned towards protools because I know it's a studio friendly format for mastering and the mbox because I only need two channels. Any advice is greatly appreciated, Thanks!

Your idea will work except I dont think that this mic choice is going to be what you think its going to be. That is one of the most pre dependent mics on the planet.Its a great one, no doubt, but it works very very well on certain sources and isnt above average on others. Since you have access to a rental service , find another choice and research all that you are looking at. There will be plenty of sources around that can steer you right about what mic to choose for this. The Mbox becomes a simple interface with how you're looking at it and with so few tracks it will do the job completely. The Manley is the sh$#t. Its very real and in your face. It will add a lot of color. If that is what you want then its a great selection.

You will have to know what you are looking for before you rent something that, though its expensive, it will add components to your sound that may change it to the detriment.

If you're going to rent stuff like that, why not just get all your songs in order and then go rent some studio time instead?

I have a feeling you will be much happier doing that. Knowledge is the most important part of getting a good recording, so if you're new to the whole thing then I doubt renting a $10,000 mic will give you what you want. Go to a nice studio with a properly treated room, some decent equipment, and some engineers that know what they are doing.

sounds like a great idea imo. but over time i could see that adding up to quite a bit. why not just buy a pre and a mic? i'm sure something like a tlm with a neve pre. which is my set up, would give you much more convenience in the long run and allow for you to record more freely instead of rushing. I've heard some amazing recording on an SM58. but i think your idea sounds legit.

but in the long run getting successful in music sometimes is a long process and it might be good for you to think long term. Of course if your EP blows up and you get a label of management to fund you then that wouldnt be an issue.

also to reiterate what Sarnz said, going to a studio with knowledgeable engineers will help you optimize your sound, in regards to mixing, micing techniqs etc. your voice might sound better through an API with a Neumann or an AT 4040 through a neve, or etc etc. But really theres no magic that can make a bad song good. i think all the following are viable options. be sure your performance and prep are up to par with the quality of gear/or services you get.

best of luck on your ep!