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Submitted by Anonymous on Thu, 06/20/2002 - 09:50

I'm still in school right now at CDIS, taking the Recording Arts Post Production program, but after January next year, I'll be out of school, and looking to go into business for myself, as well as find work (of course I'll need a job to fund my own studio). Anyway, I was wondering if anyone could give me advice on what kinds of software/hardware to start looking for, because I know that I'll have a limited budget, so I'm thinking of a target around $10,000-$20,000. Suggestions?

Go to other people's studios and see what takes your fancy.

Learn some terms and phrases and then come back. This is a very open question and we all would have answers that we have given many times.

Before jumping into what equipment, think about what clients you want to attract and what they need from you.

No point in sinking all money into Alishad or Fairlight if you end up in the Live Classical or Jazz where the client hates the word edit and you are just not a computer personality.

Class Analaog (2 trk) and Microphones to die for is the choice ..... but not if a PUNK band walks through the door.

As I am from Vancouver myself, I can tell you, if you want to make money doing music, move to LA or New York. Don't waste any money building a facility here in Vancouver. One after the other is closing because there is no music industry here to support them. And right now, the Post-Industry is at it's worst it's been in the last 10 years.

So save yourself the anguish, and use that money you've saved tomake the move. You can always come back.

I sent you a private email, Omni, if you don't get it email me. I am in Van. Cheers, Doc.

Be very careful.
I would look to see if you can hire out someone else's studio first. You might make less a day, but at least you do not have constant rent, upgrade costs.

There are a lot of studios around. If you are only hunting for demo deals, get just the gear you need to get by.
I compete with a studio that only has a roland VS2480 and I loose work from my studio that cost 10-20 times more.
Are they smarter then me. Hell YES, they are connected to a rehersal room so get all the demo deals they need.
If you do lower end bands and demos, they just are not good enough players to demand the better gear.
I have a day job so I am mad gear slut.

Make sure each piece of gear will pay for itself within a year.
That should be your number one goal when getting gear, if you have no day job. I do not know how some of my competitors keep a float.

Good luck