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I've got my Adam's but I'm going nuts

Got my Adam nearfields in today but the cables got lost in shipment. They're in Nashville somewhere. I'm dying to hear these monitors but I guess I'll have to wait yet another day. *6%*&$#!


Pez Fri, 11/21/2003 - 06:53

I've got the P-11A. Did my first mixes on them yesterday. It's too early for a full report but so far I'm in hog heaven. Didn't have to "learn" these monitors at all. I just trusted them and mixed till it sounded great and they have translated perfectly to everything so far. It's so great to twist a knob and trust that what you hear is what you'll get. They can't take a lot of volume but I prefer to mix at low levels so that's no problem for me.

swesterhus Fri, 11/21/2003 - 09:09

John Grimm; A mic and a recorder- what other gear do you need?

- a pair of good monitors?

(sorry, couldn't help myself...)

Enjoy those babies! :D :tu: