LA service for old JH-16??

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Submitted by Rader Ranch on Fri, 08/31/2001 - 08:34

well, there's a guy who seems fairly desperate to offload a '76 JH16 with a JH114 transport, auto locator II, a couple extension cards blahblah...he seems pretty up front that it's a fixer upper, but not a parts machine supposedly. heads are 30-40% and the erase head is no go on ch.4, most of the lights are out etcetc...

anyway, after some searching the only source continually mentioned for these things is in NJ i there anyone in the LA area that any of you could recommend as THE person to go to for servicing/advice etc.?

or for $1500 should i just jump on it and worry about that later? it sure is a tempting thing to offer/have at home...but then again everything seems to be tempting me right now...too much goddam tax refund i guess... :roll:

My opinion.....

I wouldnt spend that much cash on the machine you mentioned, I just sold off my old JH110 8 track 1 inch for $1500 (75% headlife and in mint condition with no problems)

Picked up an Otari MTR90 MkII 16 track 2 inch for $3200, I know its more than double the price of the one you found but it too is in mint condition.

Sony/MCI machines are relativly easy to repair, but shit your headlife seems a bit low. And it sounds like you might be buying problems.. :-

I think I would keep shopping :)


Originally posted by scenaria:
I think I would keep shopping :)

probably true...and funny you should say i see an Ampex MM1200 for 2 grand...sheeeeiit, why am i looking at this stuf, i'm a freaking daw guy!??!? i must be a complete moron...

either way, i'd still need an LA tech who can handle this stuff. (see previous statement). if nothing else it'd be good to know someone for future reference....