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Pro Audio Community music beginner here...basically, i'm trying to do a rough recording of vocals on my laptop...I initially tried it with my computer microphone but thee quality was i went out and bought a Shure 58 mic and an ART Studio V3 Mic here's my Mic Pre-amp out is 1/4 inch, which i've converted to an 1/8 inch using a connector since my mic input into the laptop is 1/8 inch...but i am not getting ANY sound to record!...the mic and the pre-amp are connected with an XLR cable and that works b'cos i can see the output meter gauge on the pre-amp move when i am using the mic...but for some reason, the sound is not going from the pre-amp to the laptop...

does anyone know why this is happening?...any suggestions on how to rectify this?...need help desperately!


sagreene Tue, 08/05/2003 - 09:19

i don't exactly know why that is happening....maybe you need to change the recording source .. sometimes you can select mic or line. That's just a wild guess though. If you want my suggestion, I'd say you might try returning the preamp for something like [[url=http://[/URL]=""]this-clicky-clicky[/]=""]this-clicky-clicky[/] . Laptop audio cards are notoriously noisy .

I'd actually like to pick one of these up for mobile recording....(my laptop interface need a wallwart and preamps).

sagreene Wed, 08/06/2003 - 06:38


I was reading your other post and noticed you said that you had almost every software and plug under the sun! This makes me think you probably have some cracked stuff....hey me too! I REALLY recommend you try out your sequencer this way and then BUY it. You don't want to be working on something and have a crash rob you of the 15 most divine, inspirational minutes of your life :) . Plus you get updates and bug fixes and a warm fuzzy feeling that you are creating jobs. As for plug ins, try them out and see which ones you really use - I find that I only use a few....1 or 2 good reverbs, a compressor and an eq. The rest is just icing. There are some pretty good free/shareware plugs too....if you want a reverb try ambience.

just my two cents, but you may find it valuable.