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what kind of latency could i expect from a MOTU 1224 or 1296 on a powermac g4 dual 533, 256Mb RAM (to start) and running ASIIO-compliant software (either DP or cubase). eventually, i plan on upgrading to an ultra160 SCSI controller and drives; will this affect latency or only affect track count?


Opus2000 Mon, 05/07/2001 - 13:49

Latency is definately not an issue with ANY Motu audio have complete control over the buffer sizes to be set in the PCI-324 consoles...I usually set it at around 256 or so and it's pretty sweet! You could even go further down on the buffer sizes and get an even better response but then at that point you're risking clicks and pops in your audio..MOTU makes some great stuff..reccomendation is that if you go with MOTU products dont mismatch other gear..keep it in the family so to speak!!