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Can anybody give me a step by step to link my keyboard volume knob to a pitch knob on fl studio? I've tried that whole link to controller thing, but the problem is that when i move the physical volume knob on my casio wk-110 midi keyboard i get no activity light in fl studio,The only thing that works are my keys on my casio keyboard, in which case when i hit the key i could hear it in fl studio,but thats not the case with my volume knob on my keyboard or even play/stop on my keyboard.Could it be because my casio keyboard is not a real midi controller? I dont know but thx for the help


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Ravikash Mon, 08/02/2010 - 17:40

Hey bud, I have an answer for you. The reason FL does not see any activity when you move the volume knob, is because the volume on on your casio wk-110 does not transmit any midi information. This is because you have a keyboard with midi capabilities, which usually means that only the keys themselves transmit midi information. So what you need is a midi keyboard controller, or midi controller. The down side of the midi keyboard controller is while just about everything on the controller will respond to midi, most midi controllers can not produce sound, so when it is not hooked up to the computer all you have is something that looks like a keyboard, but doesn't make any sound, because it is a controller get it.

Hope that was helpful.

PS, most most midi keyboard controllers will have a pitch wheel on the side that is specially made for bending the pitch via midi.