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Hey all.

I'm looking to buy a good audio interface for home recording for around $170 .

Gonna be using a SM57 (but I still want an interface with phantom power if I want to get a condenser mic in the future) with it to record acoustic guitar/vox...and maybe a lil electric guitar on the side. I will be using a HP laptop with Vista 64 bit.

So far people have recommended:

1. PreSonus AudioBox USB

2. TASCAM US-122L USB2.0

3. Tapco Link.FireWire

However, these are the problems I have with these (respectively):

1. The Audiobox seems to have problems with the Vista operating system...especially 64 bit. The complaints can be seen in the reviews: In the link to the audiobox
2. The Tascam seems to have problem in overall quality and say that an external pre-amp is needed...
3. The Tapco seems nice but I am not familiar with the whole firewire versus USB types. Is firewire better than USB or the other way around? Also, the software that it comes with, Tracktion, seems to be less superior than the software of the latter interfaces (Cubase)

I would be grateful if anyone could recommend me a better audio interface or point me in the right direction with any of these three....

P.S: (I like the audiobox the best so far, but it seems to be not compatible with vista...which sucks a lot)


jg49 Tue, 05/12/2009 - 03:07

Are you running Vista 64? Sorry. I see you are. Presonus says that they will not be developing drivers for 64 bit for this product so u are down to two choices. I might check with the other two manufacturers there have been numerous threads re: 64 bit compatability problems with both recording hardware and software.

I know that you read the review from someone claiming that the tascam unit can't record instrument level inputs but I am pretty certain he missed the switch on line level inputs that does allow this.
video from Audix
"Two line-level inputs on balanced 1/4" TRS jacks are included, and are switchable to guitar-level for direct instrument recording into your computer" TASCAM
THey also claim 64 bit compatability.

ManchesterUpanda Tue, 05/12/2009 - 11:23

GentleG wrote:

I use their 0404usb
it has the best preamps compared to m-audio and tascam and presonus (

I haven't tried other brands

do you have vista 64 bit? and if so, have you had any trouble with it?

if not have you heard of any 64 bit vista users having trouble with it?

and is it this:

or this:

and if there are the same, why do they have diff prices?

AudioGaff Fri, 05/29/2009 - 17:43

The E-MU White 0404 USB is Limited Edition and looks better. Who knows how long it will last. It also includes Vista compatible 3rd party software.

The Gray 0404 USB only has XP 3rd party software.

And I would suggset you don't be naive or dumb enough to believe what you read on the internet at face value when it is often written by some uneducated and skill lacking wanker that is angy and frustrated with the unability to troubleshoot and get to root cause and just simply blames the audio interface, drivers or Vista, when the real issue is often due to operator error/errors in one way or another.

There are so many variables that can cause issues and that have to be managed and properly configured to have problem free audio. Many people either don't or won't do what is really necessary to dedicated the PC to music creation and audio production.

Then there are those who over tweak, overclock, have IRQ conflicts, use min amout of or cheap RAM, use slow and fragmented hard drives, let a bunch of unnecessary not audio/music crap apps and services run in the background and then wonder why they have audio issues.

Then there are just times when a product like the 0404 USB is just not compatible with certain chip set or video cards ect... or just won't work on a specific system. It sucks, but it happens.

I use my 0404 USB on a variety of test systems for my consulting business and for music/audio software QA testing and I have found that it works as well on XP, XP64, Vista 32 as it does on Vista 64.