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hello people i have a digi 002 and i wanted a preamp for drums and i was looking at the m-audio octane (which is 8 channels).

Now are the octane preamps better than the ones on the digi 002 or the same? i dont want to buy new preamps if i have better ones on the digi 002.

thank you people.


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Kurt Foster Sat, 09/18/2004 - 19:02

They are probably about the same ... real ok but not anything special. They might have a slight difference in tonality but they will not compare to the real good stuff like an API or Neve ...

In the end it's pretty subjective. What I hate, you may like.

See if you can find a dealer that will allow you to return the Octane if you decide you don't like it. And please let us know your obsevations after you compare the two ...


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