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hey all

i hope this is the right place for this....
i have a fairly new in terms of use mbox. i have several mics which i have used with it a bit but only on condenser...the rode nt3. when i turn on the phantom power at the mbox or on the mic from the internal 9 volt i get a high pitched through playback. i have two rode nt3's and both exhibit this i have a faulty mbox? i mean i have rarely used it and never dropped it.....any ideas would be great and i am new to this so sorry if it sounds like an ignorant question.


ianb79 Thu, 02/24/2005 - 04:41

hey man - i have had an m box for a couple of years and it has done some wierd things over that period of time but not what you are describing. if the sound is loud - like a pig squealing over your shoulder then you gotta get it checked out man - if it only happens when you switch phantom or the mics battery then maybe its the mic - rode are very good with customer support and unless you bought it second hand - take it to your place of purchase and see if it pig squeals with one of their m boxs/other recording units - or take it to a mates place or something.
over the last 2 years my m box has suddenly pumped out white noise when i clicked the record button - it only stopped when i closed session and re-opened - another time there was a horrible non-stop crackling noise unrelated to mic/dodgy leads etc and i finally got it to stop the same way - wierd. Other than that it does make a very quiet high pitched noise which stops when i fiddle with the usb output and this noise dosn't end up on cd when i burn stuff so it isn't a big worry.
Anyway man - good luck with your trouble-shooting...mic or box - i bet its the mic.

playdeep Thu, 02/24/2005 - 07:53

well i think it was something in my setup with my pc (2200 athlon 512 ram) bc i hooked it all up to my labtop the other day and there were zero sounds even for the same i am not as worried it is the mbox now. plus i think it could have been the room causing the cans to feed back bc the pc is in a mcuh smaller room and the condenser is much hotter then the other mics i have. so when i used it with my labtop in my living room and had no problems....i need to try my pc again.....and me suing my pc is more likiely bc it seems to me that when i upgreaded form 6.1.1 to 6.4 it really is more noticeable the way it slows my latop down then before. thanks

BenLindell Thu, 02/24/2005 - 08:46

I've had similar problems with mics before, not rodes and an mbox, but what is really important i figured out is the order in which you set them up. The proper way I've learned is to have the gain down, and the phantom power off, connect the mic, turn on phantom power and then adjust the gain. Is this the order that you are doing?