mbox frustration and other option?

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Sat, 12/27/2003 - 06:53

so i bought an mbox, scratched my head for a month and finally got around to using it (w/ powerbook g4 867 640mb ram). setup was fine, mic pre's are pretty transparent and sound fine, but what is up with the latency! tracking is fine with the "mix" knob, but having to move EVERY track (but original 1 or 2) 164 samples back? that absolutely sucks!

soooo, before i plunk down more money, do firewire interfaces also suffer this? are there any firewire interfaces that are as portable and inexpensive as the mbox? i don't expect stellar audio quality, and the mbox sound was just fine.

i'm assuming this problem is usb related and all the other usb interfaces also suffer as the mbox?