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I've seriously enjoyed reading the :
"A General Statement on the importance of great monitors"
and the many other convoluted monitor rants on this forum.

Since I can't afford a set of NS-10s ;) (and yes - I have checked on eBay) I'm looking at a set of cheap'ish monitors. Currently I'm mixing on (shock horror) a set of Sennheiser 590's (means I can work as night and not piss wifey off) but the results are a bit hit and miss. Been testing on a (more well-off) mates Genelecs to get a better idea of where the mix is going but can't do that for ever.

I'm aware that monitors are a very personal thing, and have planned a reconnaisance trip tomorrow to a few stores with a couple of well-played CD's in hand.

But... I recently read a very favourable review of the Yamaha MSP3's (Future Music) which did well in terms of accuracy in a shoot-out with other monitors in the price range. I'm a fan of Yamaha kit - bullet proof from guitars to mixers to tuning forks(?), but the SoundOnSound review rated them as having a "shouty sound quality" and as having a "Two-dimensional, vague sound stage". Has anyone found this to be the case?

If other monitor in a similar price range can be recommended it'd be appreciated, and I'll check them out. Studio Room dims : h2.3m-2.6m (pitched roof), L=3m, W=2.4m - desk position along short axis. Wood floor, but may be changing to carpet.

cheers :)


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