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Submitted by Anonymous on Mon, 05/09/2005 - 18:02

Im looking for monitors for around $500-$800, Ive seen the following

Event TR8 XL
Dynaudio BM5
Alesis Prolinear 720 DSP
Yamaha MSP5

Mainly for Rock-Pop music, if anyone recommends the Dynaudio's, what Amp would you put on these?


Id go with the Dynaudio with a Hafler P3000 amp
or a pair of EVENT 20/20Bas. the rest of those monitors suckIMO.
The Event TR8 XL's suck. my bass player has a pair and they dont compare to my 20/20bas. they sound like your in a shoe box.

re monitors

Check out the jbl lsr series, depending on what size you are looking for, I have a pair of the jbl lsr25p's and a subwoofer and I get my mixes sounding good usally the first time or second mix, and I have a shitty control room too.

These smaller monitors coupled with the subwoofer in my opinion give me a very good accurate picture of where all of the frequincies are and how loud everything is, plus I then can switch to my passive event 20/20's powered by a nice 1980's home reciever. to check the mix out on those speakers and between the 2 I get a general idea, but most importantly you need to know what you monitors sound like with music you've listen to on other systems to get an idea of what it should sound like.

later peops