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Motown Vocals signal chain?

Anyone have an idea as to the Mic Pre Comp chain used by Motown? specifically, Temptations (David Ruffin), Otis Redding.


Scott Gould Fri, 01/18/2002 - 14:37

Try calling Indigo Ranch studio in Malibu - they have Half of the original console from the Motown studios in Detroit. The engineer there (sorry, forgot his name) really knows his stuff, particularly equipment history.


td Fri, 01/18/2002 - 22:18

Or put a yell out to Bob Ohlsson, who frequents these pages .......... he probably recorded some of the music your talking about .


faganking Sat, 01/19/2002 - 10:24

A few years ago I read an interview with Mike McLean who was chief engineer at Motown for quite a while. He discussed many, many things including: building the 3 track recorder and....he said the vocal chain from the 3 track period on was a C-12 into an Altec 1567A into a Fairchild compressor. He *may* have said the mic was a U67, but I'm certain about the Altec 1567A. I had JUST purchased a few of them and was thrilled by the information.