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I'm looking to upgrade my PC, partly because I can't seem to get rid of clicks/pops from my motu firewire... Tried just about everything.
And of course I'd like a faster machine for my Cubase use...

Anyone using a combination of the 828 and UAD-1, with no problems? and if so - which Mobo/CPU do you use?

I'm currently thinking of an Asus a8v Deluxe (AGP) + Athlon 64 single core, but any recommendations are very welcome...


feggymango Sat, 09/03/2005 - 10:22

You might want to avoid the newer x2 amd chips, there is a post somewhere on this forum and alot of people are having serious problems with freezing and crackling. I have just an MSI neo2 platinum with a AMD 64 3000+-they are dirt cheap, overclockable and rock solid

wavline1820m Fri, 10/07/2005 - 16:53

hey i just saw this post, i know its a little old, however i can help.

i have the exact same setup 828mkII and UAD-1 i had probs to , with my mobo, i had a jetway board,

i switched to a ASUS p5p800 with an intel chipset, and things are beautifull. not a single, click or crack or shit....

hope this helps...