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MOTU 828mkII installation problems...

I have a PC with ASUS P4P800 Deluxe mainboard and VIA OHCI-conformable IEEE 1394-hostcontroller. WinXP with ServicePack2.

I tried to install the driverpackage as shown in the manual. But neither the drivers from CD (V 3.1) nor the latest drivers from the motu website works!

In detail:
At "Sound and audio devices" you can see the "Motu 828 Fire wire audio" but when you click on attributes "No drivers installed for this device" appears... I tried to install the drivers more often. Even after the installation process came the notice: 'successfully installed'. But after rebooting the PC and connecting the 828 it does not work! I use a 6pin / 6pin cable and i also changed the cable...

If i wanna open the "Firewire Cue Mix Concole" under "Programms" "No Motu Fire wire audio devices detected" appears!

Somebody told me that the ServicePack2 may cause the troubles. But how can i anticipate these problems!? And the 2 weeks old drivers should master the SP2-problems... isn't it?!

Somebody also told me to check the safety adjustments for the
firewire-ports. He supposed the safty standars are too hgigh adjusted and may cause troubles with the connected firewire interfaces. Could that be...!? And WHERE can i change these settings?

I also switched off the onboard-soundcard in the BIOS, but no changes...

And i tried to install the same drivers on my laptop (Pentium4, WinXP SP2).
Result: After installing the drivers (V.3.1) and rebooting, WinXP showed the message "New Hardware found". When i choosed the direction for the motu drivers it does not work because there's only the autorun.inf ...
Then i choosed 'search and install drivers automatically'. I must do this 3 times (for the cuemix-, SMPTE- and audioconsole). I don't know which drivers Windows took...., but it works now.
BUT: When i choose the Motu 828 in the 'Sounds Audio devices' and click on 'attribute' there is no driverDATE, no driverVERSION and no digital signature...!? Are the right drivers installed now...!?!?!? The 828 works but everything seems very strange...! Is the perfomance not the best now...!?

But the most important thing is, that the 828 should run on my desktop PC and not on the laptop...

I would be very grateful if somebody can help me...!

thanx - michael *


Berry Tue, 03/01/2005 - 13:49

Hi, Michael. I am not an expert or something, but as far as I know, the problem you have could be caused by the VIA controller. I remember some threads on several sites over here in Germany, mentioning compatibility problems with certain chipsets, controllers and so on. VIA chipsets and contollers were not - in most of the cases - highly recommended.

Good Luck to You!