MP3 comparisons, how does your MP3 process stack up to the rest of us?

Submitted by unknown on Sun, 03/08/2015 - 15:17

I think this topic is something we've completely missed.
Lets compare the sound and process of our MP3 and listen to the results.
I can or someone can provide a 44.1 via soundcloud, we compress it and use the upload button to store and compare . It should make a good discussion.
Until someone has another source, use my Daughters:

Soundcloud stores the full bandwidth ( to what was originally uploaded), make the link downloadable and MP3 it.
NOTE: not sure if this is just my system but 192kbits appears to be the highest I/we can playback here so please do the same so we are all on an even bit rate.

See image attached on downloading the file. On Firefox I see an arrow on the top right corner soundcloud wave. Click that and the full bandwidth file will download to your computer. My system is clean, the files should be safe.

Then, upload your processed MP3 to RO server

Lately, I've ditched uploading mp3's to SC and have kept to 44/24 .wav files.

But... at some point, that's gonna start to add up, and decrease my available storage space with SC, so if there is a way I can go back to using MP3's that play back with the same quality as that which I've uploaded, then that would be great.

When I was using MP3's, I was using Samplitude to create the MP3. The times where I felt the audio was being skewed was when I was using MP3's with SC.

Since I began using .wav files instead, I haven't had any problems.

Also, I need to be clear and say that SC wasn't effecting the audio in every MP3 situation... it was intermittent.

Chris, post: 425991, member: 1 wrote: Then, upload your processed MP3 to RO server

Chris...can you explain how we do this?

There seems to be some issue with playing back 320 bitrate. I've always used that so Im confused if its this upload code with the issue or my firefox browser restricting. Anyone know anything about that? Marco, when you upload your version, try a 320 and see if you are able to playback.
The 320 uploads but once I press play, the player disappears on me. 192 however, works.

Chris, post: 426063, member: 1 wrote: Can you play both mine?

Yes I can ! Did you try with another browser. I use chrome here.

DonnyThompson, post: 426073, member: 46114 wrote: I've been using Firefox for quite sometime... I wonder... is this what was causing my past issues with SC MP3's?

It would be a very bad programming on SC's part. But it's something to investigate ;)

There is something strange with Sequoia 320 and my browser not accepting it. Yet Marco is able to play mine on Chrome. Yet I can play his 320 but not my 320.

If firefox can play your 320 bitrate, why can it not play the 320 file I did? That is really wonked. o_O I'm clueless how to resolve this one.

Have you had a chance to compare Marco?

I had a quick listen but I'll check it back this evening.
One thing that is missing for the comparaison is an upload to SC in mp3 format and a wave to mp3 upload to SC. Just to check if their convertion is ok. ;)
I'm also wandering if some content could be easily converted and others not. (exemple softer or louder mix, HF more present etc...)