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I have an t.c.M-One XL multi effects unit and I'm wondering if it's possible to utilize a few different effects at the same time using buses in logic though separate program channels via the [[url=http://[/URL]=""]Multi Instrument[/]=""]Multi Instrument[/] object?

The problem is, I can't find detailed information on how to setup the Multi Instrument, though I did find a template for my t.c.M-One XL with all the banks setup. But I would still like to know how it works. I have five books on logic 5 and not one gets into setting one up. They're very generalized. Same thing with the logic manual. If say you're using the first 15 channels (each having their own sound) in the multi Instrument, can these sounds be routed separately to their own independent bus? In other words, say I wanted a few channels strips to have their own effects, is the t.c.M-One XL able to process multiple effect banks at the same time?


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waveform Fri, 06/26/2015 - 13:23

I have the manual already Donny, but thank you. The t.c M-One's ability to process multiple programs at once is only one question. The manual talks about the routing, but I couldn't find any information regarding the first question.

The second issue is finding a good source to explain how the [=""]Multi Instrument[/]=""]Multi Instrument[/] in logic works, and to accomplish what I mentioned above. I have five logic audio books by different authors and everyone of them tells you to turn to a chapter and then they only generalize what the multi instrument is. Nothing on how to assign names, or route individual channels to buses, if that's even possible. Same with the Logic Audio Manual for 5.5, Very Vague and ambiguous descriptions.

p.s. I know logic 5.5 is old now, but it's still a great program for people on PCs. I would think most of the environment cabling and functionality still works the same.

By the way, No Way Out by Gilmour (in your profile), great tune. Those were the good days, old Floyd, Yes, Zep, Joni Mitchell, [[url=http://="

"]Shawn Phillips[/]="

"]Shawn Phillips[/].