need for a/d converter??

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Submitted by Anonymous on Fri, 08/08/2003 - 04:53

I am looking to buy the motu 2408mk3 and im just wondering is there any need to get a a/d converter. If so I hear apogee has great converters is this true?

Personally I see no need for external converters if your using the 2408mkIII. The converters that're within the unit are excellent unless you have intentions on doing "high res recordings". In that case you would have to look towards a 192k TDM setup or the motu HD192 interface. But you should be just fine w/ the 2408. :cool:


Ouch! I guess you haven't heard the term some converters will happily degrade your audio!

Ever test for jitter on a MOTU??? Every A/B'd a MOTU to a converter such as Prism, Lucid or Apogee?

The difference is amazing..stereo imaging, overall sonic quality!

The worst of it is the actualy clock circuitry within the MOTU..very high jitter specs!

The A/D part of your recording is the most crucial stage of the signal path. Well, at least going into your digital source!

An external A/D converter will help greatly! Par none!

Opus :D

Thanks Opus for bringing me up to par. I did'nt know the MOTU converters were that bad. I've always thought & heard that their audio interfaces were the shi_. I know the apogee products are very good because I still have one of their models on my wish list. Good look :cool:

if you get the motu, get an external clock.....

most of the midrange converters have similar circuits, its the quality of the clock that differentiates them...

spend 400 dollars on a lucid genX and it'll improve the quality dramatically