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Hi there, this is Lars from Germany, Europe...I bought a Fostex G16 analog Multitracker in used but good condition some days ago. The Machine looks good and i got any service manuals and stuff along with the machine. There are some problems to fix, which I knew while buying it, for that reason it was quite cheap. (260 Euros).
Now I want to fix that problems.
The Seller told me that the Machine needs to run a little bit until it reaches the right speed.
For a first Check, I put an Ampex 456 Tape on it and started. Everything seemed to be all right so far. But, It sounded like the drive is running on half speed. When I lift on the left Tension Roller, the drive speed became faster. (That´s quite normal, isn´t it?)
In FWD/REW mode the drive runs on normal (fast) speed.
Does anyone know how to fix that? Maybe the drive belts have to be replaced...?

Second Problem is, the Machine does not record on tape. With everything plugged in, there is Signal on the Meters.
The Signal goes in and out. I have done several Tests in the Record Mode but nothing happened, the tape is still empty.

Any ideas? Thanks for any Help!!!


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