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My friend has a karaoke cafe bar. He is using some kind of 16- mono channel live Mackie mixer (old one i guess, i can't remember the model). I have a problem finding the Record Out on that mixer.

On that one, it has Alt-Out 3/4, Bus Insert, and Aux Send something like that (no Tape In/Out). And on every channel it has a small button " Mute/ ALT 3/4".

I used the Alt-out 3/4 as a record output to the M-Audio Audiophile 2496 PCI inteface with Adobe Audition. Then i pressed the Mute/Alt 2/3 button on the mic input channels and stereo input channels receiving signals from karaoke player. Then i used the sequencer to record it live.

The result: the instrument signal (from karaoke players) is fine, but the mic signal is so weak that u can hardly hear (this happens whenever i press the Mute/ALT 3/4 button on that mic channel, but if i don't press it, no signal will be sent out)

My question: is the Alt-Out 3/4 the right Record Out? Can i use the Aux Send on the mixer to output to the PCI soundcard?

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