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I've been looking at getting into synth now for quite some time now and recently it has become possible for me to afford one. Although I've tried to do as much research as I can I feel the only way to really be able to recommend something like this is too have a past experience since I do not have a very good idea on how these operate. So thats what brought me here.

What im looking to do/need:

Create electronic music primarily on the synth but some on the computer.
Have a Mac hookup (midi?)
Have a large enough range in sound and features to play both electronic music and play live in a hardcore band.
Something that isnt overly complicated but not so simple that it will damper the possibilities as I am confident I will put plenty of time in and become quite familiar with whatever synth i do get

What im looking at:

Roland SH-201 Synthesizer - $595
(Dead Link Removed)

Alesis ION Analog Modeling DSP Synthesizer - $599
(Dead Link Removed)

Alesis QS8.2 88 Key Synthesizer - $799
(Dead Link Removed)

these are the main 3 that I have noticed but Id take a look at anything you guys recomend. Id like to keep it around 600 but i'll go up if its worth it.

(Dead Link Removed)
this one has also grabbed my attention, but mainly due to the price redcution.


Let me know if theres anything else youd like to know about what im looking to do with the synth.

also I tried searching but couldnt find anything the related to myself.

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51 years 4 months

casper Wed, 10/24/2007 - 18:42

I use this site to get info on synths performance:

You just click on the make and it will list the models. You can browse through the user reviews.

I would review the manual online if available. IMHO you really have to go into the music store and try it out before making a decision.

The Roland Juno G I tried sounded good. A bit more money, it seemed to be a good cross between synth sounds and workstation. Its packed with the FantomX $$$ound engine which is pretty amazing in itself.