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New SDC Condenser

HIYA guys....Hope you dont mind but I'm gonna hijack your forum for a minute.....Jeremy, Joe...this is for ya'll.
I recently aquired a new companies' SDC mic. This is a 3Zigma CHI system mic. It is part of the ADK mic family....I think. I'm not sure the direct relationship but I did get this mic through Larry @ADK as a part of a repair on my matched set of SC-T's. Suffice to say, they took VERY good care of me on this.

The CHI system is a multi capsuled system with a common amp-body. There are several choices in diaphram sizes and patterns to choose from including some lollipo style LDC capsules.

I have an amp body and a cardioid capsule.

I have done a couple of tracks with it so far. A banjo with it being used in conjunction with my U87 and an acoustic guitar track with the mic being used singly at the 12th fret at about 10 inches.

I'm completely blown away by this new mic. The highs arent spitty, the lows are deep and full and there is clarity throughout the frequency range.

The banjo track was as natural a banjo track I've ever recorded and theres a LOT of these! We have a very very good banjo, an Greg Deering Signature so that helps but this is as good as it has gotten. Nothing else special just through the Soundcraft Ghost pres...flat..
The guitar is full and upfront. There is a mirrored guitar track that I did with a 4033 and it is a fine compliment to it.

If you're looking for something different from the normal selections, these deserve a look.


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Cucco Tue, 02/10/2009 - 10:21

Hey Dave -

I just did a little research on the mics - I couldn't find much info so I'm definitely curious on your experiences and opinions of these mics. That being said, they're a tad on the pricey side (if their street is anywhere close to the MSRP) - there are a LOT of mics in that price range that will give them a run for the money. The Sennheiser 80x0 series is not much more and the Mojaves are a little less (both of which friggin rock!)

Of course, the wide range of capsules offered are intriguing. The guys over at GS (Warren in particular) seem pleased with these. I'll watch for a while - cautiously optimistic.


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Davedog Tue, 02/10/2009 - 11:54

They're gonna street for a very nice price point. A couple more tracks into it and I'm still grinning about this mic. The site is

When I get to the two big Gibson acoustics, the D28 Martin and the mandolin I'll know a LOT more. So far it has nailed the 414 Taylor.