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Hello everyone! Here's what happens when I try to record anything on my laptop (Lenovo 3000 N200):

It's that noise, I tought it's because of the internal mic, but I'm not sure. I've recorded some songs on my desktop PC, but I'm still quite a newbie. Please help me!


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TheJackAttack Mon, 11/30/2009 - 13:18

What is your ASIO driver? Reaper is your DAW correct. What do you have set as your input device? What is your sound interface?

If you do not have a regular type of interface and a regular microphone then you aren't going to get very good recordings.

Bellzemos Mon, 11/30/2009 - 13:56

I have ASIO4ALL driver, I have Reaper and Mixcraft DAW also, but it's the same problem with both. My set input device is Realtek HD Audio Input. What do you mean with "sound interface"?

I have an internal built-in mic in my laptop and an external one also (Shure Beta 58A). I suspected the built-in (integrated) mic to cause that noise, but now I'm not sure. It's like the noise is generated by a cooling fan maybe. Even if I just arm a track, without monitoring audio, that bar starts to tremble already, without any noise. When I monitor it and try to record something it generates a loud noise (as on the links I posted in my first post).

I tried disabling the internal mic, muting, many things, but I can't get it right. Please help me!

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TheJackAttack Mon, 11/30/2009 - 14:38

Your Realtek HD is not good for your task. You need a real interface, perhaps something from [=""]Presonus[/]=""]Presonus[/], or [[url=http://=""]M-Audio[/]=""]M-Audio[/], or [=""]TC Electronics[/]=""]TC Electronics[/].

If you can't or won't get something realistic for the Beta 58, you will need an adapter for the Beta 58 to go from XLR female to 1/8 inch phone plug otherwise your mic will not work properly at all. It won't work well at any rate. You could perhaps change the XLR to 1/8" TRS and then from TRS to TS. You can also make your own cable with minimal effort. [[url=http://="…"]Here[/]="…"]Here[/] is a set of instructions and diagrams for creating basic cables.

Without this you might see similar things.

Bellzemos Tue, 12/01/2009 - 07:42

I already have a cable (XLR to TRS), so that's no problem.

I'm unable to deactivate the integrated mic, can't find it on the list there.

Bellzemos Wed, 12/02/2009 - 11:40

I have that adapter already. If I connect the mic to the laptop or not - the noise is there all the time, unless I disable all audio inputs - but then of course I can't record a thing. I really don't know what to do...

Anyway, thank you for helping me! :)

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Lougarcia Thu, 12/03/2009 - 06:41

Noise in Laptop

As far as i have been in the recording business. ordinary internal soundcard built-in the notebook is not used for proper recording. Most especially you are directly capturing any external audio source via line input or using an external microphone. First thing in your recording that can be captured is a DC Offset, hum or buzz sound cause by poor soundcard unbalanced signal. CPU turns can also interfere on your recording. But there are some Notebook soundcard built in that can produced relatively low noise.

Solution: Use DAW Noise Reduction Plugins or audio restorator, but this will change/alter your original audio signal for sure.

Use an external soundcard interface with balanced analog in and out
there are a lot in the market today. Some has more input and some less depending on your requirement.

Hope this one helps!