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Hi there,
My AKG C3000 microphone is picking up a lot of
noise in form of buzz/humming all of a sudden.
And when I touch the body of the microphone, the
noise volume increases. I even isolated my
microphone from my setup chain and connected it
directly to my mixer as a single source and it
didn't make any difference!
Could this be some grounding issue???
The thing is I haven't made any changes
in my setup recently, it's been working fine
and this is so out of the blue!!!

Can somebody help please??


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Kurt Foster Wed, 12/18/2002 - 15:32

Pack it up and send it to AKG for repair. They should do this for no's bullsh*t! I have mics 20 years old that don't have these kinds of problems...unless you've dropped it or been pounding nails with it, this should not happen. Just tell them you're going to whine about it on the internet and they will fix it. They probably would anyway :D ..... Fats