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Submitted by took-the-red-pill on Sun, 04/24/2005 - 22:32

Hi guys,

Years ago I accidentally scored an old Altec Lansing 1567A at a garage sale for $5. Had no idea what she even was til 3 months ago. She's an old, hand wired, all tube 5 into 1 mixer/pre. She seems to be a pretty nice old girl.

I have just completed having my local electronics guy turn her into a 4 into 4 unit, for $600 dollars light($500 US)

So with 4 channels of vintage tube pre, I'd like to compliment it with a pair of the 7th circle audio stuff, as I can have my brother wire it up and the price is right.(Sorry guys, but I'm not a pro so I'm just not going to drop 2Gs or more on a pre.)

If you were me, would you get:

the SCA J99

"...based on the classic Jensen Twin Servo design...a great preamp to use when a neutral sonic character is required..."

The N72s, a Neve copy.

"The circuitry of the N72 is exactly the same as that of the BA183/283 amplifier used in the 1272, 1073, and other Neve modules."

Or: the SCA A12

"a simple, single stage preamp roughly based on classic American designs of the ' amplifier with an aggressive midrange and pronounced transformer coloration."

I got all these quotes from the 7th circle site, so I hope he doesn't send his lawyers after me, especially if I buy his stuff!

So I'll be recording a variety of the usual acoustic, electric, drum, vocals with various, as yet unpurchased, condensers and dynamic mics. I'm getting the pres looked after first, as I believe pres are way more important than mics.

Any opinions?

Anybody else sell a similar thing for a similar price? ($300-$350 for what I understand is good quality stuff)

Would you get 2 the same or one of 'these' and one of 'those?'

Thanks guys

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Mon, 04/25/2005 - 13:48


I own a pair of the N72's and a pair of the J99's. For recording acoustic instruments and vocals the J99 is wonderful. Large, clear and three dimensional.

I like the nicely colored N72 better for amplified guitar and drums - also some rock bass and vocals.