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Brauner Phanthera V level Problems. Help!

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7 years 11 months
Lately I've noticed that I have to use quite a lot of gain on my mic pres to get a good level out of my Phanthera V.

I decided to use a 1 kHz sine wave to test the Phanthera against my AKG C414.

According to specs the Brauner has a higher sensitivity than the C414:

Brauner 33 mV/ Pa Cardiod

C414 20 mV/Pa (-34 dBV) +/-0.5 dB

So I was surprised to see that the C414 produced a hotter signal with the sine wave than the Brauner by 5 dB.

Alternative to the Brauner Valvet?

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21 years 2 months
Haven't been here in a long while, had to bookmark it. I am sure everyone is still happily recording as am I. I am in position to finally move on a top shelf tube mic, I have everything else I CARE to own at the moment. I would like your experienced views as to which mic I might consider buying opposed to the Brauner. I have heard the Brauner, Wunder, U87 mooded by KH, Manley and Soundelux U9? tube. Thanks in advance for your thoughts on this.

Brauner Phantom C vs Neumann TLM49 & GR ME1NV vs John Ha

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21 years 2 months
I try to find a "perfect match" for voiceovers, narration, spoken word stuff in terms of choosing right mic with appropriate pre amp. My choice is narrowed to those mics and preamps mentioned in title. Phantom C & GR ME1NV / Neum TLM49 & j.Hardy M1-or other way around ..? And unfortunatly I can't try those by myself.

Any help is more than welcome.



Anyone here used the Brauner VM-1?

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17 years 2 months
I heard a VM-1 today, and I must say I was completely and utterly blown away. These mics are IMHO astonishingly good. I admit that there is a certain novelty value given that they have a completely different type of sound. One possible downside is that they have a very obvious sound of their own, so things might all sound a bit 'Braunerish'.

Special Edition Brauner Phantom

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17 years 2 months
Anyone here got any ideas about this one? It's a cheaper limited edition of the Phantom C, but I wonder if it a lesser version. I'm seriously considering buying a Brauner, but I'm veering towards the Valvet or VM-1 (used of course ). In Europe the price is 1000 euro, but the Phantom C is 30% more expensive.

John Stafford

AT4060 vs. Brauner Phantom C

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21 years 2 months
Hey guys, i'm in need of some help. I'm currently using a RØDE nt1000 for EVERYTHING. it's gotta go. I'm about an inch away from buying an AT4060. It will be used for mainly rap vocals. I have never heard this mic, but it has been recommended to me by multiple professional engineers.

How does the Brauner Phantom C stack up in comparison to the AT4060?
The main problem i have with the nt1000 is that it is overly bright on almost everything. Will I have this problem with the Brauner C?

The mic will be running into my Focusrite ISA 428, just so you know.

Brauner VM1 on Avalon 737

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21 years 2 months
Hi all,
I'm thinking of buying a Brauner VM1 to use with my Avalon 737 going straight to my ApogeeAD 16X and in to my pc. .
But it's a little bit scary that I can't find nothing on the internet about the duo 737/VM1. The mic is a bit too expansive to gamble, so please give me some input on this one!