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Submitted by Anonymous on Tue, 07/24/2007 - 12:38

I have never really gotten into midi much except for the motif and mpc together, want to get into using the computer with pro tools and would like opinions on the best way to route my midi.
I still want to do the bulk of my production in the mpc, but would like to use the motif and the mpc with the computer. what would be the benefits of routing through my mobx2/pro tools and the computer. i just wanted to do some experimenting.
I am not really sure what I am trying to do with it exactly, since i never really dealt with midi or the computer much, so any extra information about what I would be able to do would be a great help too.

Here is my setup. Its not really working because I dont know whats going on.

-Midi in A
-Midi in B
-Midi out B

Motif 6
-Midi in
-Midi out

Digi Mbox 2
-Midi out

Thank you for any help.

How could you not have experience with midi and own a motif, MPC and MBox?

I'll take a stab, but I'm not really sure what you are doing either.

You could use the either the MPC or the motif as a MIDI "controller" the unit that will perform on. You may want to swap these if you are doing drums (on the MPC) and melodies (on the Motif).

If you want to use the audio generated by each device (the motif probably, the MPC not so sure :( ) then it is probably easier to connect them to the MBox one at a time. For the motif I would connect the midi out of the motif to the midi in of the MBox and the midi out of the MBox to the midi In of the motif. Then I would connect the audio (L/R) out of the motif to the the "line" connection of the MBox inputs 1 and 2. This way you can record your midi performance into ProTools as well as the audio at the same time. This if you need to you can edit your midi performance in PT and re-record the edited performance.

For more info go to:


Buy a midi port then you can go to "midi studio setup" in pro tools and route anything any where. you can use both instruments as controller. make your pro tools "master" or make mpc or mo master. whatever you use to make your beats. then setup instrument tracks and route them in your mix window. to tell you the truth I would use your mpc as a stand alone device(with turntable or cd turn). If you want to use the computer then get a Mpd24 this way you can uses rewire and use "most" software plug-ins with pro tools like battery 2 or structure etc.. it gets to complecated having a lot of different instruments. your computer is the main unit now, you can do 100 x'z more stuff on the computer.