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Hey im a new electronic composer, i have barely an idea of what im doing. I wrote this track using fl studio, an fl studio stock synth, basic fl drums, and a nexus lead. I have no eq or any effect on anything and thats what i want to learn how to do. So anyone please give me all the criticism youve got, where i should mix something, where i should eq something, where is a good place to learn how to eq ect whatever it is.


thanks very much!

RemyRAD Wed, 12/19/2012 - 22:18

Hi there and welcome to the group. Hope you're looking forward to the upcoming holiday?

It seems you have already plopped an interesting present into our laps? Thanks! You've done a fine job with this. Now I can steal it. No no... just kidding.

You have already utilized here an excellent sample library. These samples have already been expertly recorded and manipulated for greatest impact. Ouch! Ya like that. You don't need to change anything. The only change stuff if you want to or you think it needs it. I don't think it needs anything. Not that you can't add all sorts of time delay processing, reverbs and such, to create a more broad spectrum stereo sound? EQ, is simply a deluxe version of the bass and treble controls you find on every hi-fi amplifier. They just do more to whatever you want to do it to. At the same time, they can get you into a lot of bad audio trouble turning your already lovely production into a total piece of New Jersey. I mean crap. Like I said... New Jersey. I mean I think Asbury Park is a cool crappy place to be. I had a lot of fun recording Max Weinberg and a whole lot of others there at the Stone Pony back in ' 92? And that cool gay bar just around the corner from it LOL. I didn't know it was a gay bar until I walked in because the Stone Pony was closed on my last visit there LOL. And the only music at that place was to fornicate to. Which brings me back to your recording. Um... To make your recording better than it is, goes beyond the scope of your simple request. It ain't one thing. It's a lifetime of things. It's not drive-through. Even though there are folks like myself that can be drive-through. And quite literally with my . Though sometimes it has a tendency to destroy the gutters at the McDonald's. So I'd rather drive to instead of through. It's safer that way. I get into less trouble.

Now... what about those vocals of yours? Your vocals sounded like a synthesizer for some reason?? I couldn't even understand the words! What's with that?... Just testing ya. Your vocals were fine.

(I wonder what this guy thinks I'm talking about?)
Mx. Remy Ann David