?Question?: Syncing midi with sonar 4

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Submitted by Anonymous on Thu, 01/06/2005 - 18:12

Hi, i am a newbie to the MIDI game and i need some help recording midi sequences in Sonar with my MPC 1000 and recording interface.

I have a Midi out port going from the mpc's A port into my M-audio firewire 410's Midi in port. I have another midi cable going from the 410's out to the MPC's midi in.

My question is what kind of settings do i have to use on the Mpc to sync it with cakewalk sonar 4 going through my m-audio interface?

The MPC has a midi menu with the settings ''active track recieve channel (ALL and channels 1-16)" and ''soft-thru (AS TRACK, OMNI-A, OMNI-B, OMNI AB).'' I'm sure its something in here i need to be doing...

What corresponding settings in sonar do I need to make it sync up for recording?? I am new to the idea of syncing with Midi so any help is greatly appriciated.

Thanks :!: