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hey all.
so i bought my new gear which includes:
- Tascam US-122-MKII
- SE Electronics X1 LD Cardriod Condenser Microphone
- Meledi DD506 (E DRUM KIT)
this is my very first "professional" setup.

now.. im about to buy MFB NanoZwerg Monophonic Analouge Synthesizer and i want to know some stuff.

so i begin:

1) lets say i want to record the drums with midi (i have midi in & out on both e drums and the tascam) to fruity loops or ableton or any DAW even.
i know midi is not audio - but if i record midi, how do i turn this into an audio without re-record it? and how i connet the e drums, and to what? (staight to the laptop or first to the tascam-->laptop?)

2)how do i record with a synthesizer? what the order of the connections? like if make a wobble and i want to change the cutoff or something through the synth and not from massive, how do i do it? and how do i use the preset from the synth as my main sound? and by change i mean like in a live recording inside the DAW.

3)same as the microphone.. can i plug it and change setting and play around with the sound with the help of the synth? like "twist" my voice with it?

thanks alot guys!!

lets make it easier for you also:
well i know how to use all this stuff but i dont know how to record midi.
thats the problem - i am a drummer for 6 years and now i bought an elctronic drums mechine for making beats.
the mic for singing, and the MFB with a keyboard to make melodies.

now i dont know how to record midi to my computer and play it as audio.. thats the problem here.

i read alot of midi in and midi out - using a loop and bring it to the DAW.
but i dont want that, i want to be able to twist a wobble in live recording.

lets say i hit record on fruity loops with sylenth1 "x" wobble preset.
until now, if i wanted to change live the cutoff or the realese, i was needed to link my knob on the akai mpk mini to the cutoff button in the sylnth1 windows, and so on.. and i dont like it - its messy.
this is the purpose of the MFB - make it more "handy" to use.
and ofcourse.. how to turn the midi into the audio.

lets say i connect the drum module from midi out the the midi in (in the tascam) - and open any DAW.
how do i record what i drum??

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DonnyAir Sat, 06/01/2013 - 08:21

Midi is just note on/note off data. When you record a midi track you aren't recording the audio. You are recording a series of binary notes, and you have to assign those binary notes to trigger the sounds you want.

You can do this by using soft synths that reside within your DAW program, or, you can trigger external synths/keyboards/tone modules. To get that information to reside in an audio form, you would have to render internal soft synths to an audio track, or, you could come out of the audio outputs of external synths to the input of your audio I/O, and bus it to an audio track in your DAW program, just like you would record any other sound source ( vocals, guitars, etc)

Any changes you make along the way while recording the midi - note on, note off, sustain, velocity, duration, mod wheel, pitch wheel, patch change, etc., will all be recorded as such on the midi track. You simply need to tell that midi track what to do with that information once you have recorded it.

If you want to use the sounds of an external synthesizer, you would need to come out of your midi port (midi out) on your computer, to the midi in port of your external synth.
This will trigger your external synth to play (as long as your external synth is correctly set up to receive midi data). To get the audio from that synth back to you DAW in audio form, you would come out of your synth's audio outs, to the audio inputs of your audio I/O device, and assign that audio to an audio track in your DAW.

To use internal synth sounds (soft synths, vsti's) you would record the midi data to a midi track, and then assign that midi track to trigger an internal synth program. Most DAWS will allow you to take that midi track, along with the audio output of the soft synth track, and render it to an audio track. Depending on the program you use,.. sometimes it's referred to as "Bounce to tracks", or "Render To Tracks". You would know best what your DAW's program's command is in this regard. Check your manual to see how your particular program handles this function.

With some DAW's and soft synth layouts, you would insert a soft synth into your project, at which point the soft synth creates both a midi track and an audio track for that soft synth. The audio track it creates isn't necessarily an audio track that you would use to edit audio's simply an audio output. If you want to be able to edit audio in the purest form, you would need to create an additional audio track, and then, selecting the midi track and it's audio output track, highlighting them both, you would render those to a dedicated audio track. Again, check your documentation to see how your program handles this function.