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I have a Crane Song Flamingo on order for evaluation. If I like it, I intend to keep it. But I have a question...

As far as I can tell, the Flamingo doesn't have direct line ins. Right? If I want to record keyboards (Korg Triton, 01/W, Wavestation, Roland XV-3080, etc.) thru the Flamingo mic pre to "color" the sound of the keyboards using the "iron" and "sound" switches, I'll obviously need some kind of DI to pad the line level down to microphone levels. Is the DW Fearn LP-1 Line Pad the least expensive/highest quality option. Or do I need a pair of actual "direct boxes"?

I'm not looking for a DI with "character" (i.e. tube DI to "warm" up the sound), I'll use the Flamingo for that. I'm looking for something that I won't or will barely "hear" that'll allow me to record my keyboards thru the mic pre. Any and all suggestions are welcome, as well as any comments on the Fearn LP-1. Thanks in advance.



Faeflora Wed, 10/10/2001 - 22:51

Ok, I'm pretty ignorant about a lot of this impedance and mic level stuff.

I hope someone will correct me if I am wrong

Here's my guess though:

The Flamingo can handle line level inputs if it has the headroom. The impedance probably won't be appropriate for synth impedance levels, but it should work. I have no clue how it'll sound. Probably pretty good? I don't think most synth manufacturers spend that much time perfecting their output stages.

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anonymous Sun, 10/14/2001 - 05:22

Originally posted by bgroup:
Thanks for your input guys. I'm still wondering, has anyone has tried the DW Fearn LP-1?

Yes, I have, but it's not appropriate for your application. It's appropriate for when you're trying to use something like an M-149 (which has so much output, you often don't need a mic pre at all!) into something like the VT-1.

The output from your keyboards will be at a very low level, so padding them further will defeat the purpose. What you are looking for is a 'direct box', this will change the high impedance signal from the output of your keyboard, to a low impedance signal appropriate for use with a mic amplifier.

I will add that I'm not familiar with all of the outputs on stuff like the Korg it may have an actual 'line level output' for all I know, in which case the pad would indeed be appropriate.

Best of luck.