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Okay, so when I see people post commercial-type things for their music in these forums, everybody flips, "AHHHHH he's trying to sell something....BAD!"

Well if this is the case then tell me how, which I am a paid member, can help me get my music out there. I will post no links right now of where it is for sale on the web.

This is what I need to help me out with! I always get emails and stuff , "What can we do for our members?" Right here!

You can find the info on my group and music at:

Fellow RO members will be glad to know that we produced, wrote, arranged, recorded, and mixed the entire album ourselves in our own studio. The album was mastered by Grammy-nominated producer/engineer Gary Cirimelli.

Thanks for checking it out. Thanks RO people. Help however you can. Even if it's just some advice. I ain't leavin :) .


bigtree Thu, 07/04/2002 - 13:26

This sound like a spot for Waldo to chime in on but let me add to this.

Danny and everyone that reads this. You are not alone. I too even though I run this place am looking for a way to promote my songs, It's without a doubt a major reason why I created RO.

Right now I'm very focused on trying to find a way where we ALL can brain storm together a use RO to make a place to promote/launch our music. The e-mag is what I'm thinking could be a place where we can put The Best of RO in Songs in. I want to create a place that will be just for indie music.

This topic has been going on for over a year. We need to take things one step at a time.

so far...

Get you tunes and member activity happening in the critiquing area where we can hear the stuff and establish a movement.

From there with help and support maybe by our members and A&R folks that hopfully might take notice things will evolove,

I think we could vote on songs and take the best of Members opinion which then could go into the e-mag indie song list and begin to establish a catalog for our members. From there we can use Waldo's streaming technology / download area to sell/promote music. This is just a quick reply to this very important and complex question. Let's get this thread happening.

I have created the place, it's up to all of us to work together and make this happen. I think this topic deserves top priority. :tu:

Stephen Paul Thu, 07/04/2002 - 14:51

I didn't even know I could promote anything here!

Except maybe the fact that I'm losing my mind, and doing so publicly!

PS As further evidence of the aforementioned mental deterioration... I suggest that you, Chris, are the Founder whereas such as myself, crazy enough to be here at all... and those like me, willing to suffer the slings and arrows etc. (at one point I seem to recall I threatened to walk out altogether if the 'Founder' did not take some action on behalf of some of us who in this model, are actually the creators.) Hmmmmm. So I suppose that 'administration' monicker is reserved for Smaug, Angelo, et al? At this point I've begun to wonder how many of us really 'deserve' that one! Behind the scenes of course!

Yep. He's nutz. No two ways about it.

mkg Thu, 07/04/2002 - 14:58

This is exactly what brought me here. My stuff is rougher than a cob, but I think that with hard work and good advice it can be made into something of value. Doesn't hurt if the audience is drinking, too, but that's another story. :D
Seriously, there's so much experience and knowledge available here for artists to tap into. I'd love to be a part of something new and exciting, something that will offer artists an alternative to the present system.
Of course, any alternative will have to use some of the system's methods...promotion, development, marketing, etc. The challenge will be to do this in innovative ways, making use of instant global communication, and hopefully, avoiding the hype and glitter that exists in the industry at present.
There's a window of opportunity here that may not be open long before the big boys try to seize it.
I think things will work out well as long as we all put the music first, which is where the industry dropped the ball a long time ago.
Not to be jingoistic, because music is truly international...but on this day celebrating American independence, we should dedicate our efforts to bringing the independence and success of musical artists to full fruition.


p.s. Chris, I keep trying to send in my $24, but whenever I hit the button I get sent to a blank page...what am I doing wrong?

Hardnox Thu, 07/04/2002 - 18:13

Chris, if you would like to either post, or email me a mailing address I would be more than happy to send you a promo CD and a poster. Many people that have heard our stuff say that if it can just get heard we have a great chance. I think that's the case with many of us here in RO.

I can say this...

Being a DJ for the past six years we have "earned" our way onto exclusive major-label mailing lists and get sent everything that the "big-boys" put their billions of $$$ behind. I will say this. Most of the stuff we get in the mail is total CRAP! We put it on and think "this is the best they can do?" It sucks. Every now and then we get somethin' (that we were looking forward to getting) that is a hot record and makes us want to go spin it.

I ain't slammin the "big-boys" and I ain't anti-corporate or anti major label, because someday I want to play ball with those people. Just right now it's hard to get heard. It's been a challenge just getting our CD into our own local stores. The managers want to but they are controlled by corporate offices with what they stock.

Everything is so corporate controlled.

Even indie chains like Rasputin Record in California have eliminated co-signment. We are lucky we have the connections from DJing, and the recommendations of those who work for the "big boys." Otherwise, these doors would be shut or very hard to crack.

Our album is on and link removed

The internet is proving to be a powerful tool. We're in California and have already sold CDs to a kid in Romania and a Girl in Ohio. We are happy with our start. Ohh, yea we own our own production company. We were in March 2002 Keyboard Magazine.

Please check out our info on the website:

Happy 4th, to everyone even those who aren't in the USA. This day stands for a lot all over the world....Freedom! We are fighting our own war to get heard. We will win.

RO can be more than gear and mixing tips. All that isn't for much good if we can't advance our masterpieces after they leave the studio!

Much Love

audiowkstation Thu, 07/04/2002 - 20:34

It is right here ready!!!

I would love to get a cd and a poster to shop it. I have been in promotions all my life.

Critique area. Put the music there for all to hear..If I think the sound is off, I will do some mastering and then we can all kick some butts. I am routing some major acts there as well. "no telling" how far this can go.

Face it folks. All forums are a form of helping/self promotion/satisfaction.

As far as I am concerned, Critique is the place to make your connection..either with me, the music, the mastering, the vibes..whatever.

I really like the group One Motion. Great things are happening.

Open season.

bigtree Thu, 07/04/2002 - 23:12

Mark, the shareware link on the top of the page works, is that what your clicking onto? Here's the link to our Paypal donation link [[url=http://[/URL]=""]donations[/]=""]donations[/] Thank you very much!

Danny, I would love to hear your stuff but for now while I'm swamped with damage control and promotion etc better to get it in the area that Bill is moding. We are all working together and using that forum to form something that will make a buzz. From there the e-mag Indie area will evolve. Keep this vibe happening.


bigtree Fri, 07/05/2002 - 08:50

Thanks Mark, got it!

Hey, I have been talking to Gerald from Beyond Mastering and for his 30 years in professional audio he is planning on doing up a contest for us and the winning songs/demo CD will get some sort of duplicated CD's with ON-CD-PRINT.. We're trying to get some manufacturers involved with some givaways as well. (Manufacturers, are your listening)?. Sound good?